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It is no coincidence that we call food experiences taste journeys. Many of us travel to taste. Therefore, we have listed Ystad's 10 absolute must-haves for foodies.

Ystad for foodies:
10 pit stops you want to visit

We list: flavors you don't want to miss

JH matbar

Ambitious appetizers and trendy wines are delivered here with a high level of service. The young restaurateur couple sets the menu, composes dishes and serves directly from their own interest and sense of taste. As a trend-spotting foodie, you don't want to miss JH food bar.


Söderberg & Sara

Already outside the cafe, you can smell the warm, tangy smell of sourdough bread baked in a stone oven. When you open the doors, aromas from freshly ground coffee, freshly baked wheat bread and the day's lunch dishes spread. Sit indoors and enjoy the murmur, or take your coffee out in the sun with a view of the square.


Villa Strandvägen

You will find this turn-of-the-century villa with carpentry joy at the edge of the forest, a stone's throw from Ystad's white sandy beach. Here you choose whether you want to compose your menu yourself or let the chef surprise you with a perfect dining experience. The environment is exclusive and the service is personal.



Daniel Müllern's creative tavern is housed in one of the old regiment's beautiful brick buildings. Color, endlessly well-prepared food and convivial everyday noise are promised here. Like a warm living room at a good friend's house - a friend who is a fan of wine, flavors and festivities.


Le Petit Bistrot

A French kitchen that cooks its food from scratch. Here you will find classic dishes on a well-planned menu and French wines on a careful wine list that offers plenty of satisfying options by the glass. The environment is personal and cozy.


Brasserie du Sud

At Sweden's oldest hotel, you will find a bar and brasserie dating back to 1829. Here, the marble staircase and turn-of-the-century details are integrated into an extremely modern environment. The menu is multifaceted, seasonal and the wine list is matched to let food and drink lift each other.


Byvägen Ystad

The artisan bakery in Österlen supplies the townspeople with sourdough bread, pastries, vegan and vegetarian lunches. A perfect stop for those who want to settle down with a coffee in the middle of the city center, or for those who need buns and bread for the excursion.


Restaurang Port

In Ystad Saltsjöbad's largest restaurant, you can eat breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner - always with the sea view nearby. The menu takes inspiration from French and American cuisines and the dishes follow the Swedish seasons. Open to those who live or do not live at the hotel.


Grändens mat

Fresh poké bowls and warming slow cookers, refreshing sangria and crazy ice creams. Gränden's food is located in a characteristic half-timbered garden and serves coffee, lunch and dinner. From time to time they hold events and drink tastings, something that is well worth keeping an eye on when planning your trip.


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