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Discover the historical and cultural heritage that defines the city's buildings, parks, and ancient sites, shaping Ystad into the unique destination it is today. Immerse yourself in captivating stories and information during a self-guided exploration of our distinctive locale. Load your phone, pack your backpack, and embark on an adventure!

Self Guides

Explore Ystad at Your Own Pace

City Tour in Ystad

Explore popular attractions in Ystad through our digital city tour. Discover the oldest half-timbered houses in the Nordic region, medieval buildings, and famous film locations in central Ystad. The picturesque alleys and timber-framed houses carry a rich history from the early 1200s to the present.

Available in Swedish and English.

A stroll through popular attractions


Explore Henning Mankell's Fictional World of Detective Wallander in Ystad. Journey through the well-known locations that have captivated readers worldwide, with the Wallander books later adapted into films. Gain a unique insight into Mankell's creation and crime stories as you wander through the idyllic streets of Ystad and Skåne.

Available in Swedish, English, and German.

Discover scenes and locations from the world of Wallander

Explore Ystad

Explore Ystad with a clever city tour through the charming cobblestone alleys! Rent Explore Ystad's backpack with locked compartments and let the clues guide you through the city's historical treasures. Each locked compartment reveals new instructions, providing a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family!

Available in Swedish and German.

An interactive city tour with extra adventure!

Wallander - Solve a Murder Mystery

Follow in Kurt Wallander's footsteps through Ystad while solving the mystery of the murdered photographer, based on Henning Mankell's 'The Photographer's Death.' Visit Wallander's favorite spots, including the bakery and his residence, and challenge your inner detective by helping solve the case. Whether you're a devoted reader of the Wallander series or new to the story, we promise an exciting experience!

Available in Swedish, English, and German.

Solve a murder mystery in Wallander's Ystad

Significant Women of Ystad

Explore Ystad through the eyes of historical and influential women. Download the Storyspot app for free and discover stories about rally driver Greta Molander, designer Anna Thulin, international star Anna Q. Nilsson, and many more! Immerse yourself in fascinating narratives that shed light on the female trailblazers in Ystad's history. Listen and be captivated by their stories on-site, a unique journey through time and space.

Available in Swedish.

Influential Women Who Have Made a Mark

Children of Ystad Through the Ages

With headphones and your phone, you can listen to dramatic events from Ystad's history. The Storyspot app guides you to places that hold exciting - and sometimes forgotten - stories. Learn about Ystad's Latin School or the night when the tower of St. Mary's Church collapsed. What has really happened in Ystad? Listen to dramatic events from the region's history - all told from the children's perspective.

Available in Swedish.

A Historical Discovery Journey in the Footsteps of Children

Ystad Sculpture Park

Navigate among the many artworks enriching the city's streets! The Ystad Sculpture Park Association offers both a digital map and app to help you easily find your way to the city's numerous art installations. Take a break, observe, and appreciate artistic elements that surround both shoppers and travelers, allowing art to become a natural part of your journey in Ystad.

Available in Swedish and English.

Experience the city's art from the early 1900s to today
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