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Activities for children and adult children, beautiful views, cozy city lunches, the occasional playground on the go and a luxurious breakfast - you can do it all in two days in Ystad, almost regardless of the time of year.

The family's Ystad in 48 hours

We list: to do & eat for the family


Lunch at Söderberg & Sara

At the artisan bakery on the corner overlooking Österportstorg, we are greeted by the warm aroma of coffee and sourdough bread. The lunch menu varies and can offer home-made pasta, hot sandwiches, salads and soups in season.


Step into the world of the film at the Ystad Studios Visitor Center

A short walk after lunch takes you to Ystad's creative film museum. Here you can play and act in scenographies from famous TV and film productions or try producing your own film clips in stop motion or against green screen. For those interested in Wallander, there is the chance to try on Kurs' jacket and visit the original scenographies.


Ystad's regiment

After two or three hours of filming, you take the same walk back towards the center. Please pay attention to the area around the museum. The brick buildings form the now defunct regiment.



Dinner at Grändens mat

You eat dinner at Grändens mat. Innergården offers typical Ystad character traits with cobblestones and half-timbered houses. The environment is homely and the dishes, which of course are all available in children's portions, follow the season.


The Rose Garden at the Monastery

You start the day with some fresh air and if it's summer: a splendor of blooming roses in a place where Franciscan monks once worked. Here there are excavated monastery ruins that are exciting to jump around among. From time to time the monastery has play exhibitions, take a look in case the spirit strikes.


Shops and alleys

Walk further towards Stora Östergatan and take the road around Krukmakaren. Visit the cheese shop one step down from the Stora Östergatan pedestrian street and if you have the time, pause with an ice cream from the Glassmakeriet. Continue along Stora Östergatan and slip into shops with second-hand finds, tea and coffee souvenirs when the mood strikes. Always keep an eye out for narrow alleys and cute courtyards.


Lunch at Bäckahästen

Have lunch in the green at Ystad's decidedly coziest outdoor restaurant. On the small courtyard peeks out part of a now culverted stream that used to run openly through the town. The cafe is named after the water body that Nordic folklore tells about. Afterwards, you might take a trip up to Stortorget, and who reigns at the fountain here?



The family pool at Ystad Arena

In the family pool, you ride water slides, ride in the current channel and climb the climbing wall. For those who are mostly looking for warmth, there is both a hot pool and a sauna. To get a guaranteed place in the family bath, it is a good idea to pre-book your visit.


Dinner at Restaurant Marinan

You eat dinner in the marina with a view of the sailboats on one side and the beach on the other. In the summer months, the atmosphere is lively and there is a special menu with popular dishes for children. Right next to the restaurant there is a long jetty to walk straight out into the Baltic Sea on, as well as green areas and a playground for legs that need to run off.


Breakfast at Ystad Saltsjöbad

This weekend you end with a lovely breakfast buffet at the luxurious Ystad Saltsjöbad. With a view of the sea, you enjoy everything you could want from a hotel breakfast. On the east side of the hotel there is a nice playground for all the little ones who need to shake down the breakfast juice. Book your breakfast in advance on the hotel's website.


The final beach walk

Ystad's chalk white sandy beaches are not just something we show off to attract visitors, they are the vast contrast to the city's alleys and a place to meet fresh winds all year round. Along the promenade, you can easily walk a short or longer distance and enjoy the horizon. 


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