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Explore a diversity of events and activities in autumnal Ystad. From art exhibitions to spooky ghost walks, the city offers a rich palette of experiences for every taste.

Experience autumn in Ystad

Ystad is dressed in the autumn's rust-colored palette and invites you to exciting events

21 october: Kulturnatt Ystad

On Saturday, October 21, the city steps into the spotlight to become the arena for a unique meeting place between cultural practitioners and the audience. With a vibrant program spread across the city's streets and squares, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a diversity of cultural adventures - regardless of age, interest, or background. With activities designed for the whole family, the passionate culture lover, and the food enthusiast, you are welcomed to a city festival where Ystad's cultural richness is explored and shared with a broader audience.

31 october: Ghost tour in Ystad

Among timber-framed houses and charming alleyways, you'll find the cozy outdoor terrace at Bäckahästen kaffestuga. On a autumn evening, the place transforms into a playful and slightly spooky setting. Ghosts, ghouls, spiders, and tombstones take over the area as night falls. You might even encounter a few living ghosts.

Get your Halloween look at the makeup workshop at Ystad Studios Visitor Center and embark on a ghost tour in Ystad - if you dare

November 1: Ghost hour at YSVC

When the night's shadows sweep over Ystad Studios Visitor Center at closing time, a mysterious atmosphere arises. The rumor of the studio's recurring witch spreads, and secrets lurk in every corner of the building. On November 1, the door remains unlocked after closing, and brave visitors are welcome to explore the unknown. Excitement, mystery, and a ghostly quiz with exciting prizes are promised!

An adult hand may be reassuring to hold, but the ghost hour welcomes explorers of all sizes.

3 november: Österlen lyser

"When autumn is at its darkest, Österlen shines its brightest. Over three days, you can experience a comprehensive program filled with warmth, art, food, and exciting events. Here, you can immerse yourself in the art world, savor delicacies from local kitchens, and participate in a variety of activities.

On November 3, Österlen Lyser is inaugurated in Årets Ljusby, Kåseberga, inviting you to an impressive show as the entire village is bathed in light from hundreds of lanterns, fire baskets, and light displays.

Discover more events

Autumn embraces Ystad, and the city's winding alleys entice with dramatized scenes, rhythmic music beats, and vibrant events. Base your exploration on your own interests and discover the rich array of events in Ystad. There's something for everyone, regardless of age, interest, or background.

Explore events suitable for the whole family, the passionate culture lover, and the energetic sports enthusiast.

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