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We all want to take nice pictures of our travels and discoveries. So we have made the start a little easier for you. Visit these six locations and we guarantee a diverse crop of images to show off to friends you want to impress.

Architecture with attitude:
6 Instagram-friendly sights

We list: 6 nice views

Bollen & Fritidsparken

Fritidsparken and Idrottshallen Bollen were built in the 1930s to give Ystad residents space for meaningful leisure activities. In connection with the Leisure Exhibition in 1936, the area was inaugurated in good time before the new holiday law would come into force and give a full two weeks of holiday in 1938.

The hemispherical sports hall supported by glulam beams was designed by architect Hans Westman. In addition to the important task as a sports hall - which it still is today - the building gives personality in its role as a fund to the park in front. The park offers flowering plantings, tall trees, a raised pond and opportunities for both picnics, games and maybe bowling?


The twin water towers

The well known buildings in Ystad's skyline is best photographed in the soft light of the evening, or just after dusk when the towers are illuminated by colored lighting. Depending on the season, the color of the lighting varies to reflect holidays and current events. If you visit the towers at Christmas time, they can be lit up in green and red, for example.

Twin water towers are occasionally built to provide greater reservoir volume, but it is not a very common solution. Ystad's twin towers were built in 1965 and together hold 4,000 cubic meters of drinking water.

You can reach the towers via a pedestrian and cycle path or by road. The walkway past the towers is part of a longer green lane on the outskirts of Ystad. The area offers a nice walk and more views to photograph if you feel like it.


Västra Sjöstaden

A sharp contrast to Ystad's picturesque city center is the not yet completed Västra Sjöstaden district. Here, Ystad grows every day with the help of modern architecture and a wide range of housing types. The district offers tall multi-storey buildings with a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea, but also street-style single-family houses.

If you are looking for a modern environment with the sea in the background to take your perfect picture, this is where you should go. New, bright homes are constantly being built here, which gives the residents of Ystad who are moving in close to the sea, schools and green areas.


The regimental area

In the eastern part of Ystad hides a military historical treasure consisting of beautiful brick buildings and large open spaces. For just over 200 years, the area was Ystad's living regiment Lv4. The business was wound down in 1997 and over time the area has gained new functions for the residents of Ystad. Today, the area is a neighborhood with a cinema, film studio, restaurant, gym, offices, schools and homes here.


The well-preserved buildings remain and it is not difficult to imagine how troops lined up on the large gravel fields once upon a time. If you are interested in more than pretty pictures, Ystad's military history museum is also located in the building that was built as the 4e squadron's stables.


The Angel House

A visit to the Angel House is a journey back in time. Parts of this farm began to be built as early as the 16th century when Stora Norregatan led the main street into the city center. Building his trading yard at this address was proof of the builder's social status.

In 1953, Änglahuset was restored in its entirety and in 1968 the building was classified as a building monument. When taking your photos here, pay particular attention to the features that make the house special: the cantilevered upper floor, the patterned brickwork and the carved wooden details.

Can you spot the angels that adorn the facade?


Ystad Arena

Ystad's modern arena not only offers space for 2,700 spectators, baths on an area of 7,800 m2 or 530 m2 solar collectors on the roof. The architect-designed arena shows straight lines but also play with light and shape on the outside.

The swimming pool was designed by Sweco and inaugurated in 2014, the match arena was designed by Uula's architects and inaugurated in 2016.


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