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Discover Ystad's rich history woven into every stone and alley. Here, we list landmarks carrying the echoes of history for you to explore. Stroll along cobblestone streets, where picturesque houses and hollyhocks embrace the footsteps of past generations, creating Ystad's unique character.

A historical walk through Ystad

A Journey Through the Past

The Grey Friars Monastery

As a time capsule, one of the city's most impressive architectural marvels stands in the heart of Ystad, with its roots dating back to 1267, founded by brothers from the Franciscan order. The original four wings of the building took shape during the 15th century, and the monastery was inhabited and operated by monks until 1537.

As the city's historical museum, the monastery welcomes visitors to a fascinating journey through Ystad's history. Exhibits with various themes, catering to both young and old, provide insight into the city's multifaceted heritage. Take a stroll through the medieval monastery gardens and discover the Rosary at the back of the monastery.

A Journey from the 13th Century to Today

Ystad Lighthouse

In 1866, Ystad Lighthouse proudly rose above the horizon, guiding mariners with its radiant light until 1975. Today, it stands as a living symbol of Ystad's rich maritime history. Join the Ystad Maritime History Association on a journey back in time to discover the lighthouse's fascinating history and significance in Ystad's harbor environment. Step inside and experience how a lighthouse looked 150 years ago, where every beam of light carries the echoes of history, and every step is a voyage through the currents of time."

A Maritime Landmark Amidst the Passage of Time


Pilgrändshuset: A Unique Fusion of Two Buildings Spanning Different Eras. The corner house, born around 1520, intertwines with the older warehouse from 1480, making it the Nordic region's oldest timber-framed house. The contrast in masonry unveils layers of history; the northern part showcases newer symmetry, while the southern exudes charm through a more disorganized yet equally fascinating architectural style.

The Oldest Timber-Framed House in the Nordic Region

Charlotte Berlin's museum

The piano teacher and prominent businesswoman Charlotte Berlin amassed a significant fortune in the 19th century through clever investments. The property on Dammgatan in Ystad became home to her distinguished collection, reflecting the bourgeois ideals of the 1800s. Upon her passing in 1916, Charlotte Berlin bequeathed her entire residence, furnishings, and collection to Ystad, with the intention of turning her home into a museum. Established in 1918, this museum remains unchanged, serving as a time capsule for those curious about historical homes, decor, and life!

A Time Capsule from the 19th Century

St. Mary's Church

In the heart of Ystad city center stands St. Mary's Church, a living time capsule from the early 1200s and the city's oldest preserved building. The church is also filled with various historical relics and discoveries from the 16th century onwards! The 51-meter-high church tower has been guarded by the Tower Watchman since 1748 and is still active today. Explore the historic church or enjoy atmospheric concerts in a richly historical setting

The Oldest Building in Ystad: A Timeless Cultural Treasure

Per Helsa's Gård

Between Besökaregränd and Pipargränd, at the easternmost part of Ystad's old town, you'll discover the only preserved timber-framed quarter in the Nordic region. The site carries the echoes of history, enchanting visitors with its irregular form, accompanied by the ancient city wall that once marked the boundary of Ystad's medieval core. In today's light, the quarter houses designers, shops, studios, and restaurants to explore. Per Helsa's Courtyard is not just a place – it's a journey back in time, where layers of history and contemporary creativity blend seamlessly in a harmonious atmosphere.

Timber-Framed Quarter in the Winds of Time

Ystad Volunteer Salvage Corps

Ystad Volunteer Salvage Corps (swe: Ystads Frivillige Bergnings-Corps, YFBC) is the second-oldest in the Nordic region and Sweden's oldest volunteer fire brigade, with a museum located in Garvaregården. Here, the history of firefighting unfolds, from bucket brigades to modern fire engines. Since 1839, YFBC has safeguarded the city, and their museum offers a fascinating journey through the evolution of firefighting. During the summer, you're welcome to join their city tour in a unique vintage fire truck.

The Oldest Volunteer Fire Brigade in Sweden

The Old Water Tower 'Nappflaskan'

Proudly standing tall, 'Nappflaskan,' the old water tower in Ystad, built in 1915, soaring 47.5 meters above the ground and carrying centuries of historical significance. In 1964, Nappflaskan lost its role as a water supplier but remains a vital landmark and memorial to Ystad's past. In today's light, Nappflaskan has been transformed into a residential space, offering a unique opportunity for overnight stays for those who wish to experience the place firsthand.

A Unique Landmark at the City's Peak!
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