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Visit these five shops, and we can almost guarantee that you will either have a unique and locally rooted gift for someone back home - or a very special travel memory for yourself. Maybe both, even?

Craftsmanship & Sustainability: our guide to Reko Shopping

We list 5 shops for sustainable shopping

Lerans konsthantverk

Visit Lerans konsthantverk in search of a personalized gift or simply to experience the environment. In the courtyard paved with cobblestones, surrounded by half-timbered houses, you'll find an always-surprising shop filled with art and crafts made from natural raw materials by local ceramists, artisans, and artists.


Iris retro

Take a step over the threshold and travel back in time with the help of the retro and vintage shop "Iris," driven by circular commerce. The store has a cozy living room feel, where dolls, armchairs, porcelain, and design items come together. Here, we can promise that you will find colorful treasures and most likely things that will evoke old memories.


Öppna hjärtat x2

If you don't make your perfect find at Öppna hjärtat’s store on Stora Östergatan, you might find what you're looking for if you visit their larger store just outside the city center. And when we say larger, we mean big. For those seeking a wide variety, you'll discover loads of kitchen utensils, porcelain, glassware, sewing accessories, clothes, toys, and trinkets here.


Krukmakaren Ystad

In an alley next to Stortorget, housed in a half-timbered house, you'll find the local potter. Just as the name suggests, you'll find ceramics and local artistry here. Ystad's iconic tower watchman, which has become one of the favorite souvenirs, originates from this very pottery workshop.



You'll find a well-assorted selection of clothes, porcelain, and toys at Erikshjälpen's fresh premises on the outskirts of the city center. If you're planning a visit to Öppna hjärtats larger store, you'll be close to Erikshjälpen, as if they positioned themselves that way to facilitate your shopping trip.


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