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With scenic bike paths, rich cultural history, and local culinary experiences along the way, Ystad is a splendid cycling destination to explore. Pedal through picturesque city streets, explore green parks - or why not cycle on water? Cycling offers you the freedom to take in Ystad's charm at your own pace and discover hidden gems along the way.

Discover Ystad from the bicycle

One helmet, two wheels - endless possibilities


Local treasures

Begin your journey in central Ystad, head towards the historic Regimental Area, and continue eastward. Taste locally produced spices and freshly baked pastries. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and unique experiences in Ystad.


Cykelleden Skåne: 102 Ystad-Sjöbo

Cykelleden 102 is part of the cycle route 'Cykelleden Skåne', and the stretch through Ystad-Sjöbo takes you on a diverse adventure in the South Skåne surroundings. Pedal through Ystad's picturesque city center and immerse yourself in history before heading north towards historic mills and castles. Along the way, you'll pass landmarks like Krageholmsmöllan, Ystad Zoo, and Snogeholms Castle. Why not take a break at these attractions for exploration before continuing your journey?


The History Tour

Learn about Ystad's history from your bike with a refreshing route that takes you along the coastline to the village Svarte. Continue the journey, passing several impressive sites, including Charlottenlund Castle, Marsvinsholm Castle, and Borrie Church. This is an experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty along the coast of southeastern Skåne.


Sydkustleden & Sydostleden

Explore a unique combination of the forests in Småland and coastal landscapes of Skåne! Ystad serves as a central point for the two national bike routes, Sydostleden and Sydkustleden. During your journey along these routes, you can pause to enjoy the fantastic nature, experience rich culture, and savor delicious cuisine. An unbeatable opportunity to blend the best of Småland and Skåne on two wheels.


Cycle Draisines through Fyledalen.

Discover Skåne in a unique way by cycling draisines (rail bike) along the disused railways through Fyledalen and Tomelilla. Immerse yourself in the adventure and the green surroundings in a nature-friendly manner. Stop and enjoy nature or barbecue at the rest areas along the track. Explore Skåne's treasures sustainably!


Water cycling

Water cycling is an exciting water sport that combines cycling and aquatic adventures. Using a specially designed bicycle for water, you can pedal along lakes, rivers, or the sea. It's a fun way to explore the aquatic landscape and enjoy nature while getting some exercise. Water cycling is suitable for adventurous spirits and nature enthusiasts, providing a unique perspective on the aquatic environment.


Mountainbike on Ystads Backar

Ystads Backar is the hills located just north of Sandskogen. Here, you'll discover an impressive range of mountain bike trails, from beginner-friendly to advanced tracks. Explore unique hills on the outskirts of the city. It's a hilly adventure right in the heart of Ystad - on two wheels!

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